Ra Wallet

Buy, Sell, Earn & Hold on the go

One of the most exciting features in our Ecosystem is our payment system, working on creating your smart wallet; interconnecting all platforms with different blockchains.

Native wallet compatible with the entire ecosystem and all its platforms. Simple user friendly interface, yet powerful to completely integrate your crypto with the different blockchains. Buying, selling and storing your crypto gives you total control of your money, offering users rewards every time you use it.

  • Safe and Accessible

  • Send and receive cryptocurrencies anywhere

  • Portfolio management

  • Earning rewards for utilizing it

  • Fiat Wallet

  • NFT Wallet

  • Rewards System

Smart Relevance Trade System SRTS

This technology allows users to exchange any asset, with each other, regardless of its nature or location, quickly and safely thanks to multi-platform integration.

AGOD Ecosystem is currently working on integrating the RaWallet into our platforms, please refer to our Roadmap section for more details.

Coming soon!

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