Ecosystem's Sustainability

  1. Income to support DApps:

    • 10% of the revenues generated by the AGOD token are allocated directly to support the DApps within the ecosystem.

  2. DApps Profits for Buybacks and Burns:

    • 10% of the profits generated by the DApps within the ecosystem are used for buying back AGOD tokens and burning them.

Financial Model for AGOD Ecosystem and its DApps

  1. AGOD Ecosystem Revenues (R): This variable represents the total revenues generated by the AGOD Ecosystem, including revenues from DApps and other sources of earnings.

  2. Revenues Allocated to DApps Support (ID): 10% of the total revenues (R) are allocated to support and grow the DApps within the ecosystem. This is expressed as ID = 0.10 * R.

  3. DApps Profits (U): Represents the net earnings generated by the DApps after deducting operating costs and expenses. These profits come from various DApps within the AGOD ecosystem.

  4. Profits Allocated to Buybacks and Burns (URB): 10% of the DApps profits (U) are used to repurchase AGOD tokens from the secondary market and burn them. This is expressed as URB = 0.10 * U.

  5. Total Supply of AGOD Tokens (T): Represents the total number of AGOD tokens in circulation, initially set at 200 million.

  6. Burned Tokens (B): This variable represents the number of AGOD tokens burned as a result of the buyback and burn process.

The mathematical formula that supports this financial model is expressed as follows:

  • Revenues Allocated to DApps Support (ID): ID = 0.10 * R

  • Profits Allocated to Buybacks and Burns (URB): URB = 0.10 * U

  • Burned Tokens (B): B = URB

This financial model ensures that a portion of the revenues and profits generated in the AGOD Ecosystem is reinvested in supporting DApps and in the buyback and burning of AGOD tokens. This contributes to the sustainability and maintenance of a controlled token supply, which can increase its economic value in the long term. Additionally, it promotes the growth and prosperity of DApps within the ecosystem.

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