AGOD holders are directly related to AGOD Ecosystem’s sustainable growth. Being mutually beneficial for the Ecosystem’s growth and for the users by providing them with unique AGOD rewards and benefits such as initial token offerings and other unique services.

As in any ecosystem, evolution is part of its fundamentals, part of its nature and existence. AGOD Ecosystem is none different, our team is focused on the development and implementation of major improvements to maximize benefits for all users.

Our team will achieve AGOD’s development process through various stages:

AGOD GENESIS - phase 1.0

AGOD's Fantom Network is a smart contract platform that is stable, secure, scalable and EVM compatible. Allowing the ecosystem to achieve its goals.

Fantom is modular, secure and open-participation.

Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT)

  • Decentralization, Security and Scalability

An aBFT consensus protocol allows for maximum decentralization, high scalability, and bank-grade security.

Genesis is the foundation of the AGOD Ecosystem. The launch of our AGOD token. AGOD token, the utility token of the ecosystem that will allow its hodlers to share the benefits of the growth of the ecosystem. With limited supply and a buy-and-burn program planned to achieve a higher value mechanism token. It allows all users to interact between our platforms and at the same time, it facilitates the distribution and exchange of rewards and benefits for all hodlers.

AGOD token will be helping forge the AGOD Ecosystem, giving way to the birth of three of our main blockchain platforms. Expanding the ecosystem’s interconnections in the early stages of development by launching our platforms, within a secure and trusted ecosystem built for the community and accessible to all. Offering new ways to earn more on the Fantom network with unmatched speed, security and reliability, with near-instantaneous transactions and extremely low fees.

AGOD DELTA - phase 2.0

We will make the most of the Fantom Network capabilities, thinking on the increasing number of users registered every day within the blockchain world, it will allow us to have a sustainable growth between our users and the exchange of tokens within our different platforms in the ecosystem.

Strengthening the foundations to continue with the expansion of our platforms and interconnections by completing the launch of our remaining two main platforms. With this, we'll achieve the consolidation of the main development of our ecosystem by building our core decentralized and centralized platforms with the Fantom network. Providing the capacity and structure to improve and implement greater reward mechanisms for hodlers throughout the ecosystem.

AGOD ALPHA - phase 3.0

Next level phase, expansion and execution of internal resources and benefits within our main platforms.

Compared to other blockchain solutions, Lachesis combines scalability, decentralization, and security. Giving way to the structure of the AGOD Ecosystem has been developed with greater implementations carried out within each of the 5 main platforms. Enhancing the individual and collective exponential growth of the ecosystem between users and the blockchain world.

The individual expansion of each platform plays an important role for the entire community; the individual growth plans and programs of the 5 main platforms, carried out, are the fundamental key of this phase. Rewarding the community with great benefits upon reaching the planned expansion and granting governance and voting power.

AGOD Scalability - phase 4 .0

The adaptation in the integration of developers and dapp applications to strengthen the growth and expansion of the AGOD Ecosystem.

Overcoming major challenges for enterprise blockchains and achieving transaction performance that enables further dapp integration to benefit ecosystem processes. It will allow us to increase the global growth of the AGOD community through the scalability.

Maximize security, speed, traceability, sustainability, scalability, and accessibility is our primary goal.

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