Tested & Improved

We are the Next-gen smart investment ecosystem. Our goal is to become an agent of change by improving and expanding our crypto/blockchain community’s usage and earnings worldwide. It’s time we give back and take control of our investments.

AGOD Ecosystem is a tested and improved economic model of interconnected platforms which together encourage users’ participation in blockchain technologies. Merging crypto investments and blockchain platforms with a more traditional but beneficial investment asset, such as real estate and capital funding investments. Through one of our ecosystem’s platforms, AGOD is granting the opportunity for all users to be able to invest in real estate projects by launching its own development project as the first project within the real estate investment category. All users will be able to be part of the benefits by choosing to invest in this unique opportunity.

Our team is focused on continuously evolving and growing. We aim to expand collaboration with even more dapp developers.

The AGOD Ecosystem has its native token, AGOD. The AGOD token can be used in all of the ecosystem's platforms and can be exchanged for any token in the AGOD ecosystem, thus achieving a sustainable and circulating economy within our ecosystem. Having our own native token, the AGOD token, serves as an incentive model token, our utility token, for all users.

To ensure the stability of the AGOD Token, the supply will be limited, capping at 200 million tokens. Through a burning strategy our token will have a max supply of 100 million tokens, at the end of the strategy.

AGOD holders will benefit from the increased economic growth achieved on each of its individual platforms.


The capital is distributed among the different platforms, each one focused on a specific business model within the Crypto space, all offering sustainable growth with enhanced benefits: a crypto Ecosystem backed by real-world assets.

Once the Ecosystem is stable and fully operational, we will introduce a voting system giving holders participation in decision-making aimed at the growth of our Ecosystem.

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