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AGOD Token

Uncovering Blockchains Full Potential
AGOD powering the entire Ecosystem.
The AGOD Ecosystem has its native token, built on the Fantom Network to provide fast, secure, and minimum transaction fees to all its users. All "AGOD Products" are chained to AGOD Ecosystem’s Token AGOD. Which can be exchanged for the different tokens within all its platforms and allows users to interact in each one of them, thus achieving a sustainable and circulating economy within our ecosystem.
Starting with a total supply of 200 million tokens to be reduced within time. AGOD structure will work by achieving a burning mechanism, performing a quarterly buyback from the secondary market, and burning the purchased amounts. This will be calculated on the ecosystem’s monthly performance and overall income. Creating a sustainable environment and stabilizing AGOD’s supply to 100 million by the end of the burning program.
  • Ecosystem's native token
  • Limited supply
  • Grants benefits to holders
  • Higher value achievement by the burning mechanism
One of the best features of the AGOD token is granting benefits to holders from shared rewards obtained by the ecosystem’s treasury, proportional to the amount of AGOD a user is holding. By holding a certain amount of AGOD, users will be able to earn a shared daily bonus of the ecosystem’s daily trading fee revenue.
Revenue will come from the Ecosystem’s main platforms, transactions and services.While the development of various Web 3.0-related platforms and applications across DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Real Estate, Startups, continues.
Symbol: AGOD
Contract Address: TBA
Chain: Fantom Network

AGOD Sale Price

Agod Ecosystem will have a private sale for those who are whitelisted, giving you the opportunity to buy the token at a better price before the official launch. Sharing extra benefits on this first stage to AGOD holders as a way to thank them for their early support.
There will be a second sale, the pre-sale, to be announced later on.