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AGOD Value Capture and Deflationary Mechanism

Uncovering Blockchains Full Potential

Aggregation within the Ecosystem

The AGOD Ecosystem will aggregate various types of projects and platforms, including DeFi, NFT+, games, Web 3.0-related application projects, etc. AGOD will support and integrate with the entire ecosystem and continue to capture value from the following aspects, including the right to participate in the services of related products and the repurchase of AGOD for the benefit of projects in the ecosystem.
  • Hold AGOD to obtain rights to new projects and other benefits in the ecosystem
  • Part of on-chain transaction fees (gas fee)
  • Loan products
  • Game, NFT service and transaction fees
  • Resource consumption fees such as storage and bandwidth
  • Investment income of ecological projects Liquidity gains

Deflationary Mechanism

AGOD BuyBack Mechanism: Buybacks occur at a regular basis through Abloc Exchange in the secondary market, with the platform's earnings, achieving the burning system throughout time. Having a deflationary mechanism helps reduce AGOD’s quantity to 100 million, stabilizing its price with a higher value achieved.

Reward Mechanism

AGOD incentive model: AGOD Ecosystem is focusing on making the ecosystem a dynamic tool for users to earn different rewards by using our platforms. We plan to introduce a variety of tools that help generate rewards for our hodlers, and also implementing fun dynamics such as lotteries and bets.

Fee Discounts

Abloc will take into account the size of AGOD holdings a user has to determine the level of benefits within the exchange, the more holdings users have, the bigger the level they are, thus acquiring different benefits related to their level. The more AGOD a user holds, the more benefits and better rates they will be able to get. Users are also able to pay fees in the Abloc platform with their AGOD token.