Blockchain Enhanced Funding Protocol - Real Estate Development Based

We use blockchain to collectively fund & support ideas, investment projects, startups, companies and Real Estate projects at a global scale backed by real world assets. Making sure our platform offers users a smooth and secure user-friendly interface with great features.

Users will be able to receive the best investment experience integrating great features from the blockchain world merged with traditional investment characteristics.

Pandora's Key NFT

Obtain your NFT as an access Key to unlocking all investment opportunities.

Users must hold "Pandora's Key NFT" in order to engage in Pandora's Finance investment funds and real estate opportunities. Gaining access to all potential investment options.

Pandora's Key NFT holders get access to all of our investment projects, both ongoing and upcoming.

The NFT key of your investments.

PBOX Token

The investment token of an entire financial blockchain ecosystem with limited supply, only mined for users to invest within funding projects. Also used to collect rewards and earn your return of investments.

Pandora's Investment Categories

Economic mega-trends represent long-term changes in consumer behavior and have a daily global impact across multiple sectors in our lives. Pandora's Finance aims to offer users long-term sustainable growth through projects within these mega-trends.

  • Real Estate Investments In Blockchain

  • Early Stage Investment Projects

  • Long term Sustainable Growth

  • Business Incubator

Projects supported through Pandora’s Finance Incubation Process will give Pandora's treasury permanent annual revenue and some others will have to provide a locked term liquidity commitment which will strengthen Pandora’s Finance value perennially, transferring the economic benefits to our users.

There are great advantages to the already proven concept, that’s why we have worked beyond the ordinary to deliver extra benefits to Pandora’s Community and make it extraordinary.

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