Pandora's Structure

Designed to Expand the Possibilities

"Becoming a source of investment & funding for the development of startups, capital investment projects and real estate projects and sharing the benefits with our community is one of our main goals."

All funding projects will have its own investment fund from which Pandorians are able to provide capital, thus building a solid foundation when transferred to the initial development of startups, companies and developments looking for funds.

Unlocking the Benefits

Pandora’s Finance will give you undiscovered and unexplored benefits with investment opportunities like never before, giving Pandorians the chance to invest and earn income within Pandora's investment box by acquiring the access Key.

NFTs as a membership; to access the platform and its investments within, users are required to have a key, “Pandora´s Key''; an NFT which allows anyone who owns one to have full access to the platform, all its tools and investment opportunities, launching great investment options that will satisfy every type of investor's needs. The Key is your membership access allowing you to unlock Pandora’s Finance benefits.

Pandora's Investment Box

Investors will be unlocking investment opportunities in Pandora’s Investment Funds discovering different investment categories within. Diversified projects in different markets including real estate, start-ups, companies looking to raise funds, products and services.

Different PBOX offerings will be minted each time a new investment fund is opened, having a limited supply based on each financial fund requirements, no more than the required tokens will be minted for each fund.

  • NFT Access Key

  • Funds have no minimum investment fees

  • All funds have a lock-up period

    • If needed, investors may withdraw their funds before the lock-up period, by contacting the protocol and covering the redemption fee

  • The real estate category is already an onboard project

  • Investment funds ROI (return of investment) will be according to the risk-reward ratio per project, received once the lock-up period is completed

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