PBOX Token

The Investment Token For All Funding Projects

Tokenomics - Limited Supply

PBOX will have a very limited amount of supply and will act as the investment token for funding projects, utilized every time there are new upcoming projects or startups. In order to mine the token, Pandorians may invest their money into the funding project.

The investment token will increase its value once achieving return of investment from projects in its own fund, generating revenue for Pandorians during the investment fund period of time.

This economic model allows no more than the required tokens per fund to be ever minted, we take scarcity to its maximum potential.

Funds will provide investment specifications and requirements for users to consider before investing in them. This may be a minimum and a maximum budget required, locked period of time, and potential return of investment percentage, amongst others.

Special considerations may take place which will be subject to a voting process with investors on the specific fund, such as a fund might need additional funds which will be put to vote - making PBOX an internal governance token.

Price Appreciation

PBOX becomes the investment token of an entire financial blockchain ecosystem, benefiting users as more projects & startups join.

Funding projects will be able to have one or more projects backed by Pandora's Finance investment protocol, making it the best financial platform on the market.

PBOX Passive Income, Coming Soon!

In addition to that, during the next developing stages, Pandora’s Finance will implement more features for PBOX holders, allowing Pandorians to earn passive income.

AGOD Ecosystem is working in parallel on a DeFi platform which will be linked to Pandora’s Finance dashboard. Soon launching various ways for users to earn additional passive income. Earning passive income by staking PBOX in different pools and farms, thus creating a more stable token for our community.

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